Thanks To Friends For Snack Suggestions

I have to thank several friends for their suggestions about non-traditional places to eat and grab a quick snack across the Dallas area.  They vary across different professions and areas of town, but they all had some fun suggestions for eating so I have to thank them!

The first is Nick.  We were talking about various marketing methods and technology.  The topics ranged from advances in managed IT services, family, his background in distance running and marketing for clients.  We were on the topic of a friend who is a Dallas insider trading attorney, when we decided that we were both ravenous.  He had to get back to meet a client, so he gave me some suggestions for where I would be heading next.  That area was the region of North Dallas near Frankford and the Tollway.  There are some places he suggested which were great, and I have tried the various choices.  Some were franchised locations and one even had decent pizza, available by the slice — something tough to find when one is used to great pizza by the slice in the Northeast!

Next is my friend Heather. We were going over some of her business plans in McKinney and I asked her for some suggestions on places to eat after we finished our meeting.  Since she works as a hair stylist in McKinney, she gets tons of suggestions about cool places to go and eat around the McKinney/Fairview area.  I got a ton of suggestions from places right off Eldorado and Central, including the East side of the highway.  We talked about some new fun places to grab a quick bite to eat in the Downtown McKinney square area.  She even gave me some suggestions for places to grab a quick bite to eat off of Highway 380, places which most people wouldn’t know unless you are a local resident.  I have to thank her clients for making these suggestions!

Earlier in the month I had to travel a little bit further East on 380, toward the area of Princeton, to meet with some friends and colleagues.  I didn’t realize how much new development was out there!  One good thing which comes with new housing and commercial development is that it usually means some good places to eat!  With the growth there are will be the inevitable franchise development, but Princeton still has some fun places to eat which are original, have great portions, good prices and really nice service quality.  This translates beyond just sit down meals, but places where I can drop in and grab a quick snack as well.  Thanks to my friend Donovan for his suggestions as I would not have known to find these places.

Finally, I want to thank Steven.  He gave me some suggestions about places to eat after he had spent some time in Coppell.  He had to go there for a customer meeting, and he was hungry.  He found some out of the way places between the 121 Highway and the exit off of 635.  There were some individually-operated places, which weren’t franchise food, that went out of their way to make some great takeout sandwiches and burgers (regular and turkey).  Surprisingly, the portions were great and the extras included – sauces and extra seasonings – were actually pretty delicious!  A lot of people in the Dallas area usually don’t travel to Coppell unless they have to do so for work, visiting friends and family, going to the Market Street grocery store, or a few other reasons.  Being a community that focuses mostly on its residents and local businesses, it is tough to find the “hidden gems”, food-wise, in that area.  Luckily, he met with a customer that had lived in the town for a long time and knew virtually every local (non-franchised) eating establishment.  Steven passed along some of these to me, and I am grateful for the suggestions.  There also was a burger place off Denton Tap Road that had decent burgers and didn’t take too long to make… and on that particular day, a good hamburger is exactly what I needed!

In all, I want to thank my friends for their suggestions.  I will continue to post thanks for those who were kind enough to share their recommendations so that I can eat some tasty food in non-franchised locations.  Franchises are fine every once in a while, but finding the hidden “out of the way” establishments – hopefully with great prices & service – tend to make someone want to share their “find”.  Thanks to everyone for sharing those!