Snacks When Working Outside In The Heat


I was having a discussion with my friend David who is a professional when it comes to one’s lawn.  He has a knack for understanding lawns, gardens, trees, flowers and other plant-based items you will find on someone’s property.  We have discussed how soil, bugs, worms, plant roots, a plant’s portion above ground and other elements are affected by the extremes in temperature during the hot summers and cold winters.

He does work for office parks, commercial properties, and luxury landscaping in McKinney and the nearby towns. We talked about the types of snacks that he needs when doing his job during the various seasons in North Texas.  He actually studied this much like he has studied everything he can related to landscaping work.

We discussed how certain foods affect body temperature, which commercially-available foods worked well with his system, including pre-packaged versus a “custom” food you get a store (e.g. a custom-made sandwich at a health food store), what food types affect energy levels, and how to stay sharp late in the day after working all day in extreme temperatures.

It was a fun conversation, and you may wish to talk with him about this at some point.  Thanks to him for the insights on snacks while working outdoors in the cold (e.g. for winter landscaping) or during the hot summers.