Snacks During Times Of High Emotion

My friend Carrie often deals with people during dual periods of high emotional stress.  She helps women who are about to go through, are going through, or just went though a divorce – often with kids involved.  Furthermore, she helps them with their finances during these periods; and she helps them better understand what is needed and what their options are depending on the specifics of each situation.

Needless to say, discussing the gritty details of divorce and finances can expose some high levels of emotion!

One way she helps deal with the stress she takes on is to have healthy snacks available, especially when she can’t sit down and have a more complete lunch during the day.  We discussed some of the options she likes.  Some of the choices include:

  • Picking up a healthier style of sandwich from the grocery store’s deli counter across the street
  • Bringing leftovers from home which were made with organic foods
  • Drinking vegetable juices and lower-sugar/lower-sodium natural fruit juices
  • Protein bars which have specific ingredients and ratios that she needs
  • Certain snack foods in the non-American sections of the grocery store
  • Nuts and seeds that aren’t too high in calories

Her work as a CDFA in Dallas requires her to be on top of her game all day long, so she can’t have periods where her energy plummets during the day.  She suggested that I talk with my doctor, who then could point me in the right direction to a nutritionist or other professional, to figure out what macro and micro nutrients I would need to keep my energy levels high all day long.