Snacks During The Hot Weather

One thing that North Texas is known for nationwide is the hot summer!  Most people who live in cooler climates, especially those where the temperature usually is under 85 degrees during the summer, cannot fathom dealing with such intense heat for three-plus straight months.  They feel as if they would “wilt” from the heat and humidity.

Of even greater discrepancy is when those people talk with someone who works outside during the day in the Texas summers.  There often is minimal shade and, combined with physical exertion, many don’t believe that their bodies could handle the rigors of the summer.  Obviously, staying hydrated is a major piece of being able to function outside at a high level, day after day in the Texas heat.  Having proper nutrition also helps as well.

One of my friends is a concrete contractor in the DFW area.  He deals with heat radiating from pavement, asphalt, concrete and other hot surfaces during the summer.  This doesn’t even factor in dealing with concrete mixers and other machinery which generates even more heat.  He told me some of his ways of staying hydrated plus loading up on quality nutrition each day that he is out on the job.  In addition to the main meals, he uses snacks to keep him going on particularly grueling days.

Some of them, for his body type, including using honey.  He sometimes also makes homemade snacks to handle the caloric and nutritional needs.  He usually stays away from high-caffeine drinks, particularly the energy drinks which don’t sit well with him.  He looks for easy-to-absorb calories plus those which don’t cause the “sugar crash”.  Sometimes he may snack on almonds & walnuts, sometimes he has more nutrient dense crackers, and sometimes he may have a meal replacement shake… but only certain types which he can tolerate.  Be sure to look at the food labels if you go that route. Otherwise try to go with the more natural, calorie-dense – yet easy to digest – foods as your in-between meal snacks on those hot days.  Talk with your doctor about what works best for your blood chemistry and how much water you should consume on those extra hot days during the Dallas Fort Worth summers.