Snacks For High End Customers

When most people think about snacks they think about what they want and like.  If you are selling to high end customers or clients, and you have a waiting room, you have to think about what they want instead.  This is because something as simple as a gesture of kindness (e.g. placing a snack for them while waiting) could be misconstrued and you could lose business or worse.  Here are some of the things you might wish to consider:

  • Posting if a snack, such as mixed nuts, may pose the risk of allergies to those allergic to foods like peanuts.  Be sure to have multiple postings for compliance purposes
  • Keep the presentation of any such snacks to be professional
  • Should you use a tray, such as to serve mixed nuts or candies, then keep the tray/bowl/plate clean
  • If you serve drinks, attempt to serve in bottles if appropriate.  This is done more now for compliance and health safety reasons; but if you must serve drinks in open glasses or cups then be sure to follow all health codes and local ordinances
  • If possible, have a mixture of snack types.  For example, one tray has mixed nuts and the other tray has individually-wrapped chocolates

Since the risk of losing a high end customer, over something so trite as the presentation and array of choices when it comes to snacks, is so high you should take a few minutes to make sure that whatever you present is compliant, clean, safe and appropriate for the prospect or current customer/client.  Thanks for these tips to my friend in the area of Farmers Branch and Addison.