Snacking Late At Night For Work

I was talking about food with my friend Jim the other day.  He is a plumber and often works on emergency jobs late at night.  These can range from someone’s pipes bursting at their home all the way to a water line leak for a retail store location to doing drain cleaning and sewer cleaning late at night.

The problem is that he runs a business which serves regular customers who want to place their non-emergency calls from 9 to 5.  This means that his sleep schedule is way off.  Additionally, late at night he has to stay fueled while on the job; and sometimes those jobs can be grueling.  He has to have some sort of snacks that:

  • He can carry on his body
  • Have some sort of packaging to stay clean/preserved as he will be around dirt and contaminants during the course of his job
  • Can be consumed quickly
  • Are easy to dispose of the packaging
  • Won’t hinder his movement while crawling and reaching in tight, out-of-the way spaces
  • Have some sort of health benefit to them
  • Won’t be so laden with sugar and/or caffeine that he can’t sleep (even for just a few hours) before getting ready for the upcoming batch of calls during the 9 to 5 time period

What are your thoughts and suggestions that you would give a plumber in Dallas who has to deal with extremes in temperatures (and not just due to the seasons either)?  He can find himself outside in the winter, in the rain during the spring, next to a hot furnace or radiator anytime during the year, or he can be working on a sewer line during the hot summer.  Any suggestions you have to help him find snacks that meet what was listed earlier would be terrific.