Mid-Morning North Dallas Snack


That word seems to bring a smile to many faces!  It also is a fun “snack” to have in the middle of a tough morning.  Yes, cookies are not anywhere near the pinnacle of healthy eating; but during a rough morning a tasty cookie can make all the difference in terms of getting through the day with a smile on your face even in the face of high stress.

Such a morning was happening the other day when I was in the North Dallas/Addison/Farmers Branch area.  I was working on a stressful client project when my friend Ruben showed up at the same location.  He, too, was having a challenging morning.  His career is working with Houston, San Antonio and Dallas real estate hard money lenders.  He was having one of “those days” that morning, so we decided to have a coffee and a mid-morning snack.

We were at one of the restaurant/bakery locations which offers 2-for-1 cookies, even in the mornings.  We each chose an oatmeal raisin cookie, and the best part was that the cookie was bigger than we had anticipated.  For two guys who appreciate good portion sizes when we go out for any type of food, we were pleased.  Even better was that the cookies actually tasted great!

Again, eating cookies in the middle of the morning is probably not best for long-term health (!!), but it sure made the difference.  Later in the day we compared notes and realized that our days got much better after that.  We joked that it wasn’t the company or the jokes we shared, but the day’s improvement was directly attributable to the cookies.  Ha!

Hopefully this gives you a fun idea of how to get a “pick me up” mid-morning in a low-cost manner anytime you need one in the DFW area.