Mediterranean Snacks

When most people think of snacks in the Dallas area, they think of typical American styles of food.  These can range from chips to cookies to candies to fruit to vegetables to nuts & seeds, etc.  There are dozens of categories of snacks which have the American orientation, so it is not often considered that there are other snacking styles.

One such difference would be eating “Mediterranean” types of snacks.  Whether they are snacks or small portions of leftovers, the “Mediterranean” style of food may mix things up and offer a unique snacking style.  The issue is that “Mediterranean” can reference so many regional styles from countries around that body of water, including:

  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Egyptian
  • Lebanese
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Moroccan
  • Croatian
  • many more

Each has a unique style of foods and food combinations that can be converted into tasty snacks.  Just because they are not widely popular in the Dallas Fort Worth area doesn’t mean that you have to skip on some tasty (and possibly healthy!) snacks.  One such snack, from a couple whose family members run local restaurants, is to take some delicious leftover meats and chicken, rice and bread and make small sandwiches (or wraps) from those individual items.  Even though the couple is busy (one is a family counselor in Frisco), they find time to make healthy and delicious snacks.  They make these in bulk and have them when needed.

There are so many wonderful snack ideas from the Mediterranean style of cooking.  You can blend any/all of these in unique combinations to suit your body’s chemistry as well as your taste styles:

  • chicken and meat
  • rice (different kinds like regular, brown, saffron, etc.)
  • olive oil
  • vegetables like peppers, mushrooms and more
  • fruit/vegetables like tomoatoes
  • humus
  • pita
  • vinegars
  • so much more

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions for more healthy Mediterranean-style snacks as we would enjoy your ideas on how to eat healthier while satisfying hunger during the day.