Local Rewards Cards For Snacks

If you do a lot of driving and/or have meetings out at places where you grab a quick snack then there are some options to save you money.  Many of the DFW food discount methods involve more formal meals, such as Groupon offers and Restaurant.com coupons + coupons from the entertainment guide.  Others are more supermarket or convenience store coupon rewards for things like candy bars, etc.

In the middle is the quick snack, sit-down/self-serve style of eateries.  The ability to save money here isn’t always readily apparent, so one way is to frequent places which have low-cost, healthier alternative snacks (e.g. soups, salads, and low-calorie breakfasts) which offer the use of a rewards card.  These are like the “frequent flyer” cards for certain restaurants.  Sometimes they offer a free coffee after every 6-8 purchases.  Others offer random discounts or a free beverage after a certain number of dollars have been spent.

In combination with coupons, these reward savings can help you save money during the times you want a snack but would like to sit down and/or access wi-fi internet service such as during a mid-afternoon meeting.  Thanks to my friend Mo for this tip since she has to be out on the road quite a lot in the North Dallas and Collin County area.