Learning About Meat Snacks From A Meat By Mail Provider

I always find it fun to learn about the inside secrets of the food industry from industry niche insiders.  One such example took place a few weeks ago in the Allen/Plano area where a specialty retailer of meats gave me some insight on how to choose healthy meat snacks around DFW.

Instead of being overly healthy while driving around, I sometimes want to eat meat.  This can vary as to whether I have a coupon for a fast food restaurant or sometimes a special on typical meat snacks like beef jerky.  Some friends, who are longtime veterans of the specialty meats business, gave me some insights on how to read the food labels to choose some of the healthier versions.  Here is one of the USDA links they recommended.

From there, they gave me some insight into meat food labeling including the various preservatives and how to know what I am eating.  I trusted their recommendations since they sell bacon and ham by mail all over the country.  They gave me ideas on how to shop for particular brands of meat and not necessarily be swayed by the “organic” labeling if I stop by a market which has “healthier” meat alternatives.  It was very insightful, so start with the USDA link recommended and then comparison shop online for specific brands.  Keep the list with you in the car or on your smart phone so that you know which brands offer the healthier alternatives for the price when you are driving around the Dallas Fort Worth area.