Impromptu Business Meetings Around A Snack

I love having productive, impromptu and quick (!) business meetings when out in public.  One appointment which was to be held next week accidentally took place the other day… and it was productive for both sides.  I was out at a North Dallas sandwich/salad/coffee place and doing some work when I saw one guy I was to meet next week.  He was going to see a friend for a few minutes and have some coffee.

We started talking, and the next thing I knew all three of us were around a computer going over some marketing methods.  Of interest is, what was supposed to be a coffee meeting between the two of them, ended being a meeting where all 3 of us grabbed a snack from the food line.  Since the food actually tasted great, everyone’s mood was even better and the conversation became more artful such as techniques about marketing within LinkedIn, boosting listings for commercial real estate properties, attracting people to commercial properties versus other commercial options they have and much more.

One of their friends came by near the end of the meeting and we ended up having an additional meeting, discussing the restaurant business and the industry of equipment that is used in restaurants (new and used).  Amazingly, it was round two of the snacks — thankfully I got something different this time.  Luckily everyone’s food was enjoyable and it led to another impromptu productive conversation!

The lesson is to be alert for impromptu meetings (business or otherwise)… and always have a nearby place with tasty snacks (or meals)!