Grabbing A Quick Snack During DFW Traffic

Have you ever gotten stuck in traffic on one of the major highways in DFW when you thought that you had left early enough to beat the rush?  If so, then you know how frustrating it can be!

The worst part is that, should you consider yourself to be someone who plans ahead, that you don’t get to prepare something to eat and take with you in the car.  Especially during the hot summer months, you likely aren’t bringing food with you in the car due to the heat.  This means that if you start to get hungry and/or need food for health (e.g. blood sugar) reasons then your drive home or to the next destination risks being miserable.

If you get a report that the traffic you are in is going to be fairly nasty, such as during a recent accident a few miles ahead of you on the highway, then you have a couple of choices:

  • try to make the best of it
  • try to fight your way off the highway onto an alternate route and work your way around the traffic
  • or…. pull off the highway and find someplace fun to eat!

If your downtime to get something to eat, ultimately, would cost you no more than an extra 15-20 minutes then consider relaxing and getting the food.  I have to thank my friend Carrie for that suggestion.  She deals everyday with two high-emotion (read “stressful”!!) topics:  divorce and personal finances.  She understands the value of relaxing and enjoying something to eat which calms the nerves!

My friend David, who goes all over the northern section of Collin County for residential and commercial landscaping, also had some good suggestions for snacks.  Since he often goes from job to to job, taking back roads with lots of equipment, he has to be careful where he drives and parks his vehicle.  This means that he sometimes needs food which doesn’t require much, if any, downtime to eat; but it also must keep him awake and replenished with energy to work in the hot Texas summers.  He gave me some good suggestions for stopping by health food stores/supermarkets to get things like sprouts, certain vegetables, seeds, and other foods which – if purchased properly – could be the same price as a less-nutritious snack.  I took his suggestions one day and found out that he was right.

Obviously you have to mix-match what is best for you.  Nonetheless, if the budget and time constraints permit doing so, consider pulling off the highway during heavy periods of traffic and finding places to park where there is security, healthy food and possibly a very respectable price.  If you do find such a place, consider getting a cooler or other container which can safely store the type of snacks which can withstand being inside the container (in the car) and load up on the healthy snacks.