Snacks When Working All Day On The Road

My friend Nick repairs garage doors in the Dallas and Collin County area, so he is always in his truck going between jobs.  Especially during the hot summer months – or the windy and cold winters – he has to eat on the road a lot.  We talked about different ways to stay fueled and at high levels while away from home so long everyday.

I talked with him about staying at a comfortable body temperature during the temperature extremes(summer or winter) and which snacks to eat during the afternoon when energy levels typically drop.  We talked about:

  • cooking foods like a bodybuilder and packing food in a cooler (chicken, rice, vegetables, etc.)
  • meat based snacks like jerky
  • healthier snacks like you can get at a health food store
  • fruit
  • vegetable trays
  • using coupons for fast food, including the “healthier” options
  • Protein bars or pre-packaged protein shakes

What about you?  What do you recommend for someone working out in the cold during the winter or during the heat of the summer to stay at a high level of energy on the road most of the day and working at people’s houses or commercial facilities?

Thanks for your thoughts!