Snacks For High End Customers

When most people think about snacks they think about what they want and like.  If you are selling to high end customers or clients, and you have a waiting room, you have to think about what they want instead.  This is because something as simple as a gesture of kindness (e.g. placing a snack for […]

Learning About Snacks From A Restaurant Owner

Have you ever had a good discussion about quality, low price snacks with someone who understands the food retailing business?  I finally had such a conversation with a friend the other day who used to own several Italian restaurants.  Apart from learning about delicious Italian food (yum!) it was fun to learn about various topics […]

Grabbing A Quick Snack During DFW Traffic

Have you ever gotten stuck in traffic on one of the major highways in DFW when you thought that you had left early enough to beat the rush?  If so, then you know how frustrating it can be! The worst part is that, should you consider yourself to be someone who plans ahead, that you […]